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22 Years Of Naval Experience

The FAFO Kitchen is about having an attitude in the kitchen and delivering the best meal possible. Actually, it’s more than just an attitude, whether you’re cooking for family, friends or strangers, it’s all about creating an experience.

It’s been exciting creating my own brand and following a passion I never knew existed. After serving 22 years in the Navy, it’s difficult to find yourself and start over. However, cooking has turned into almost an obsession in which led me to also enroll in culinary school. Entering the culinary world has allowed me to be creative and find out things about me that I never knew.

In fact 2 years ago, I took a job as a dishwasher just to get started. After a couple of months, I was still washing dishes, but then they also started to train me on desserts. Everything overall was a great experience, but I was still left with a nagging question??? What is it that you really want, and WHY NOT ME? Do I really want to keep washing dishes and following other people’s recipe? So, this is where we are at today: Culinary school, YouTube and Instagram channels and creating my own brand.